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Fashions in Noen and its satellite states during the depicted time resemble a combination of elements from several real-world periods for several reasons.

  • Vehicles kept horseback riding from becoming quite as common as in the real world. A workable operator-powered land vehicle was invented centuries earlier than in the real world, making horseback a more specialized way of getting around. This gave trousers less time to become dominant among merchants and people with desk jobs.
  • There never developed a stigma against wearing the same clothes every day as long as they're clean. Thus it is common for someone to wear the same outer layer all the time even outside of work. And it helps avoid decision fatigue to boot.[1]

Small children too old for swaddling but not yet walking wear a long gown, either open at the bottom (like a christening gown) or closed at the bottom (like a Grobag sleep sack or HQ ISSUE sleeping bag), so that being held in arms in public doesn't lead to something indecent.

A scout reported seeing a cape that resembles a skirt with a hole at the right shoulder, which exists in the real world as well.[1] I could have sworn I saw something like this piñata poncho.[2] And fortunately, not all bark capes are associated with a false god of sexual assault.[3]


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