luminesweeper: corner cases in game left

This page tracks known differences between the behavior of Lumines® and the behavior of luminesweeper game left.


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Behavior change log

Under each build number is a list of behaviors that were corrected in that build of game left.

Build 20050701

Build 20050718 (codename "Zodinubis")

Build 20050818 (codename "RadFaith")

Build 20050904 (codename "Skinz")

Build 20050912 (codename "Da Bomb")

Build 20051009 (codename "CustomSkins")

Differences between Lumines and game left remaining to be fixed

Intentional differences between the behavior of game left and that of Lumines

Things not tested in Lumines

I'll have to wait until I find someone else with a PSP and Lumines before I can try again, paying more attention to the following: