Project DX: Picken Landscape

What we do

Landscape consulting in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Weed removal

Weeds aren't good for anything. They won't even get you high. So we pull them out.

Transport construction

A well-organized path system is the first step toward a perfect town. First, it gives people in your town a place to run without trampling flowers, and it helps you find areas with too many or too few trees.

We work with you to build a grid of footpaths in your town. When one of our consultants visits your town, he drops off a paver pattern at Able Sisters. Then he looks at the rivers to see the best places to lay down pavers, cuts down excess trees, and places fruit to mark the best position. Then all you have to do is lay the pavers between the fruits.

Shop upgrading

We have secured a closeout with Ga-Z-Boy to provide massage chairs for only 5,000 Bells. True, once you buy a massage chair from us, Tom Nook will start carrying them, trying to undercut our price. It is rumored that if you show your massage chair to the mayor, you can trade for a golden axe.

If you have Nookway, one of us can help you get Nookington's. This service comes free with flower arrangement.

Tree arrangement

Too many trees block the sun and get in the way of moving around, but too few cause a sense of despair. Our consultants can help you find the right balance. Each of us carries a golden axe and a full selection of fruit. Not only will you have the right grade, but you'll also end up with a very lucrative orchard that can earn you tens of thousands of Bells a day.

Must complete transport construction first.

Flower arrangement

Your town is almost perfect. It has trees where trees need to be. But you're missing one more thing: flowers. We have them, and we know where to put them. In only five visits, one of our consultants will come up with a flower arrangement that makes your town's environment look absolutely fabulous.

First visits can be completed at any time. Final visit requires transport construction.


Making a town perfect is no good unless you can keep it perfect. Our consultants guide you through every step of the process, from keeping your flowers watered to basic hybrid theory to efficient harvesting of fruit to squeezing money from a rock to even getting your own golden can and golden axe.

Nintendo GameCube

Do you still live in a 30-acre town? Just give us your name and the name of your town, and one of our growers will send all fruits to you through Tom Nook's hawala.


We operate on U.S. Eastern time. Consultant availability is greatest during the following hours:

5 PM (2100 UTC) to 9 PM (0100 UTC)
Other days
3 PM (1900 UTC) to 9 PM (0100 UTC)

If these times are not convenient, we may still be able to arrange something.


To schedule an initial consultation over Nintendo WFC, send us an e-mail at

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