I'm collecting donations to further the progress of projects hosted at Pin Eight and at my other sites.

Donations so far

2005-09-23Ben Baker50.00Nintendo DSHey tepples, headspin here. Well, here is a start for your Nint DS :)
2005-09-23Andres Hernandez10.00Nintendo DSYour help in the DSdev forums as well as your GBFS library have allowed me to get started on DS development and I am in debt to you. Hope my donation helps. // cybereality
2005-09-23Michael Ferenduros40.00Nintendo DS
2005-09-23Michael Whiteley10.00Nintendo DS
2005-09-23Brian May5.00Nintendo DSSorry its not much but every little bit helps I guess. -skabio
2005-09-23Custom Lynx15.00Nintendo DSHey, just thought I would chip in.. Also, CONFIDENTIAL:
2005-09-24Eli Curtz20.00Nintendo DSIt was our birthday present, it was. Yes, yes, Precious...
2005-09-27Fredrik Olsson30.00Nintendo DSHappy NDS Birthday! -- flubba
2005-09-29Pierre-André MOREY10.00Nintendo DSHope you will find a real job soon. Nevertheless, lots of thanks for your work on the DS scene.
2005-09-30Wayne Sebbens27.00Nintendo DS
2005-09-30Jeremy Smith20.00Nintendo DSNice job on tod, luminesweeper & vitamins dude! Enjoy the DS! Sumiguchi
2005-09-30Andrew Bilyk15.00Nintendo DSThanks for all the time you've spent helping others on the gbadev forums. Best of luck on your future projects.
2005-09-30Carol Brezovacki6.00Nintendo DSHappy birthday!
2005-10-04Confidential Admirer15.00Nintendo DSshhh...
2005-09-20Adrian Ulrich8.00PSP with Lumines
2005-09-30Carol Brezovacki19.00Happy birthday!
2005-09-30Thomas Hacker200.00Any product sold by Best BuyIs it OK if I skip Christmas this year?
2005-10-01Carole Yerrick50.00 (pledge)Happy birthday!
2005-10-01Laura Hoffman50.00 (pledge)Happy birthday!
2005-12-20Truls Alexander Tangstad5.00PSP with LuminesSupport for going GPL.
2005-12-23Andrew Olivas Jr1.00PSP with LuminesRemember Andrewmatt?

See one picture per donation as of the last purchase.


I promise not to disclose anything other than the date, your name, amount, goal, and note, to any third party unless required by law. Notes left along with a donation may be published, but anything in the note after the word "CONFIDENTIAL" will not be published. If you do not want me to reveal your name, please say so in the note.

How to pay

You can donate online using your checking account or credit card using the PayPal service. You can also donate by snail-mail with a check, drawn on a U.S. bank and payable in USD, to the following address:

Damian Yerrick
730 Runnion Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46808


All prices are in USD and include a 10 percent surcharge to cover applicable sales tax, shipping, and other miscellaneous costs.

Nintendo DS

Collected $273 of $273

Purchasing a Nintendo DS homebrew development kit will let me develop on a more modern handheld system. This will include original programs as well as ports of TOD, Luminesweeper, and other GBA programs.

PSP with Lumines

Collected $8 of $319

Purchasing a PlayStation Portable system will help me verify the behavior of Ubi Soft's Lumines game against the behavior of this and other independent implementations.

Hurricane Relief

Unlike donations to Pin Eight projects, donations to American Red Cross are tax deductible.

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