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In June 2014, most interwiki links to TV Tropes were changed to point at All the Tropes as a protest against changes to the contribution copyright policy of TV Tropes in July 2012 and November 2013. An interpretation of another major wiki's policy against linking to copyright infringements supported this change. To do this, Tepples wrote a query that scans a file created with a wiki backup tool and produces a list of pages linking to TV Tropes, sorted by the source page's namespace and the number of distinct target page names. Mainspace was completed in June; other namespaces were completed gradually over the following six months. This also encouraged a more general review of these pages, such as copyediting, updating the text to reflect new information, checking other external links, and the like.

The following SQLite query was run periodically to track the progress of the project. The count included only the trope: interwiki prefix, not tvtropes: ([[tvtropes:Like This One]]), because pages discussing policies of TV Tropes still need to point to TV Tropes.

-- begin dump_trope_iws.sql
select '*[[' 
       || case when title like 'File:_%' or title like 'Category:_%' then ':' else '' end
       || title || ']]: ' || num as Titles
from (
  select pages.title, count(*) as num
  from links
  inner join pages on pages.pageid = links.from_pageid
  where links.manner = 'iw' and to_title like 'trope:%'
    and pages.title not in (
     'Pin Eight:Manual of Style/Links',
     'User:Eighty5cacao/misc/TV Tropes articles not on All The Tropes'
  group by pages.pageid
order by
case when title like '%_alk:%rchive%' then 5
     when title like '%_ talk:%' then 4
     when title like 'Talk:%' then 3
     when title like 'User:_%/_%' then 2
     when title like 'Pin Eight:_%/_%' or title like 'MediaWiki:_%/_%'
       or title like 'Template:_%/_%'
     then 0
     else 1 end asc,
num desc, title asc;

-- to run this:
-- sqlite3 p8wiki.sqlite < dump_trope_iws.sql > "trope migration.txt"
On March 24, 2015, drewski edited the policy page to stop claiming exclusive rights to submissions but instead switch to a more usual model of an unrestricted nonexclusive license from contributors. Then TV Tropes sublicenses the contributions to the public under the non-free CC BY-NC-SA license. Under the nonexclusive license model, unlike the assignment model, authors can dual-license their contributions under the free CC BY-SA license.[1]