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The following are references for use in articles that have not yet been created. I intend to eventually use them in an article either here, on Wikipedia, or on TV Tropes. Links may be bare at first, and some of the writing is inherently "sloppy".


Poli worldview courtesy of one of the artists of Cyanide and Happiness: arms are nothing more than legs attached at the shoulder.[1]

No, Two and a Half Men is not about a poli living with two baseline humans.

Why I have a strange feeling when cosplaying as a poli[2]

Super deformity

Does the existence of Sad Sam and Honey mean that Precious Moments Inc. has no monopoly on PMI style teardrop eyes?

Babies are helpless because a newborn's brain has to fit through the hole in mommy's pelvis, which is as big as it can be without losing the ability to run. It's called the obstetric dilemma. wikipedia:Evolution_of_human_intelligence#Homo

Owl monkey skulls have huge eye sockets to hold their huge eyes to see YOU in the dark.

Tarsier eyes are huge too.

DX Town and the rest of the game world

For Energy: Termites make hydrogen.[3]

At this point, given all the acai spam in the early days of Pin Eight wiki, figure out how to include blueberries and other similar plants that don't especially grow on trees. And work in "come" linking to this NAR.[4]

Street frontage design for a small town[5]

Why do computer RPG item shops make the user order from a menu system like a restaurant or a vending machine? They're simulating pre-Piggly-Wiggly grocery stores, where all products were behind the counter.[6]

About character names: "Mortimer isn't a name for a children's cartoon, it's a name for an old British guy or his pet tortoise."[7] So the name Tortimer for the mayor in the first three Animal Crossing games seems especially apt.

This gecko is a walking advertisement for Tom Nook's store.[8]


Pointy hats are cute,[9] but top hats are three times as good for carrying things.[10][11] πr2h (cylinder volume) > 1/3*πr2h (cylinder volume)

Pet raccoons (Here kitty!)[12]

Fu Go: Japan got balloon fever during WWII[13] (and I don't mean gay). But on the other hand, hot air balloons are "totally gay anyway".[14]

In RPG world they have flightless birds as big as bison. But that doesn't make their fried wings "buffalo wings".

Citation needed that monster will have jobs.

Did the Teal Deer[15] get that way by dyeing?[16]

A pixie's brain is so small it can't hold more than one emotion at once (source: Peter and Wendy). Chickens are the same way.[17]

Who is Rosetta Stone?[18]

Does every device support SDHC?[19]

Everybody poops, even iPhone.[20]

One Mario Limit: Averted.[21][22]

Unlike Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast nags for a paid upgrade.[23]

As others have said,[24] statistically nobody has an HTPC because non-geeks think they're for trailer trash.[25]

Things to dispute: wikipedia:Talk:AC#not_asserted_in_articles

Unity has its own synonym problem.[26]