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Flip Zee Girls is a toy line by Jay at Play. The dolls can change between "big girl" mode and "baby" mode. Big girl mode has freckles and large eyes on the head and a dress on the body. Baby mode pulls a swaddle over the body and a hood over the eyes, leaving small eye spots on the cheeks. (These spots blend into the in big girl mode.)

An intermediate mode pokes only the arms out of the swaddle and pulls the hood only halfway down. It somewhat resembles sleeping arrangements in the Friendly House.

  • Generation 1: Flip Zee Girls (2016)
  • Generation 2: Flip Zee Trolls and Flip Zee Precious Girls (TV commercial) (2017)


Generation 1: Girls

Zara Flower
Trinket: Blue flower
Zabrina Ballerina
Trinket: Music box with dancing ballerina, as seen in the video for "Shatter Me" by Lindsey Stirling feat. Lzzy Hale
Zandy Candy
Trinket: Lollipop
Zoey Bear
Trinket: Teddy bear
Zana Strawberry
Trinket: Strawberry
Zuri Cat
Trinket: Mouse

Generation 2: Precious Girls

"Precious Girls" appear to be more animal-eared (kemonomimi) girls in the vein of Zoey and Zuri from the first generation. I'm referring to these generations by number because "Precious" means something entirely different in the Friendly House.

Bopsie Bunny
Ellie Elephant
Lola Monkey
Boo Puppy
Twinkle Unicorn
Roarie Lion

Generation 2: Trolls

The commercial describes each as a "teen".


The short film "Zuri's Cat Nap" shows that each of the Flip Zee Girls has a Transformation Trinket that lets her leave baby mode. All the G1 Flip Zee Girls (Zara, Zandy, Zuri, Zana, Zabrina, and Zoey) are sleeping in cribs in baby mode, with the hood over the eyes. A mouse wakes Zuri, who sits up, blinks the photosensitive moles on her cheeks, and unfolds. We learn that the mouse is named Zippy, but the squeaking has aleady awoken her roommates, who begin to cry. Zuri tries to rock them back to sleep with a lullaby, which doesn't calm them. She then tries a diaper change (offscreen to avoid CP violation), which doesn't calm them. Only placing each girl's trinket on her pillow breaks the mode lock and causes them to change form.

The Friendly House admitted Zoey because several residents are bears, including the manager.