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The tasks on this page are sorted by namespace.


This section is for work on existing articles. For new articles (which should be drafted in userspace), see User.

App Store Review Guidelines

An iOS port of SETI@home is allegedly planned; it is unknown from that article how much of the BOINC framework will be used (possibly none). I still need to find the primary source, which is probably some forum or blog post within

Eloi language

  • Explain the relation between cooing, babbling, motherese, and phonological development.
  • Find out more about the intermediate stages of vocal tract development between infancy and full adulthood.
  • Are there any more details to give about the Time Traveller's unreliability as a narrator?
  • A verb "to receive" may facilitate monovalent expression of sentences that use polyvalent verbs in English: "I go to [place X]" → "I go; [place X] receives"; "I give [a gift] to Bob" → "I give; Bob receives" (but consider alternatives; see talk)
  • Chapter 8 confirms the existence of a verb meaning roughly "to dance," but I'm not sure where this fits into the article

Homebrew downsides



Should any of the following be mentioned in the OOU box:


Portfolio hosting

Public-domain music in video games

  • "No. 13" (Bach) in IIDX/DDR - I forgot the full title of the composition
  • Multiple songs in Lemmings series
  • Multiple songs in Parodius series
  • What is the copyright status of "Je te veux," especially in Japan (see Binary Land)?
  • What authority do performance rights organizations, such as BMI, ASCAP, and the Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique, have over copyright? (For example, see the Wikipedia article mentioned in the item above.)


Single-screen multiplayer

Songs that sound alike

This section temporarily left blank

Songs that sound alike (video games)

Switch to PC gaming


Main page: User:Eighty5cacao/categories for creation


  • Do we need to write an official policy on dealing with spam? Such a policy should, at a minimum, give guidance on user warnings, block settings, and procedures for handling non-English comments. (Regarding the last of these, when is it necessary to use Google Translate, and when is it acceptable simply to assume bad faith?)
  • User:Eighty5cacao/Main Page redesign ideas
  • Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia have custom CSS such that, for example, [[Example article#cite note-0]] will display the page Example article with the text of the first footnote highlighted in a light blue color. We do not. Should we change this? (Doing so would make custom anchor tricks like this less useful to readers, though - the highlight color would not show IIRC)

Manual of Style

See also: User:Eighty5cacao/Manual of Style (songs that sound alike)

Naming convention note: For its Manual of Style, the English Wikipedia currently prefers subpages to parenthesized disambiguators.

  • Additions to Pin Eight:Manual of Style/Links:
    • YouTube linking:
      • TODO: See allthetropes:Ear Worm from "Note: When posting links to YouTube here..." on down. (In summary: Exclude the feature parameter, and avoid using playlists unless absolutely necessary.)
      • When linking to a user's channel page, it is preferable to use rather than simply, so as to avoid the possible annoyance of an auto-playing video embedded in the channel main page.
  • The Manual of Style (or a "glossary" section thereof) should explain something about the exclamation-mark notation used to describe character interpretations in fan fiction.
    • The maintainer of the aforementioned page believes the ! notation to be inspired by a line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, but allthetropes:Characterization Tags mentions a possible connection with UUCP bang paths. Most likely, TMNT inspired the use to describe character traits while UUCP inspired the use for the setting in which a character is placed. The MOS should mention something about these etymologies.
  • RFC 2119 compliance guidelines (compare User:Eighty5cacao#rfc2119)

Talk namespaces

User talk:Tepples?

As of

See also: wikipedia:Wikipedia:As of

Look over "as of 2011" in Google or another search engine. Or maybe use the built-in search function provided by the MediaWiki software

User talk:Tepples/Slashdot signatures#Slashdot and HTTPS

  • Where to mention this: [On the other hand,] compare Kuro5hin, which offers premium subscriptions but currently allows HTTPS viewing by anyone regardless of login/registration status.
  • This was inspired by the entry on mystery-meat navigation: Complaining that Mxyplyzyk uses HTTPS unnecessarily? Really? WTF? I'm not sure where this belongs, and I'm at a loss for words, which is why this is a TODO. (Theoretically, the overhead of TLS might be a concern on 3G or satellite plans with bandwidth caps. However, most of the overhead is in the initiation and termination of connections, and many mobile devices lack Flash anyway.) (IIRC, Mxy... no longer uses Flash, nor HTTPS by default. It might have originally been using Flash to make itself look more secure than it really was.)



This section includes articles that need userspace drafting.


Not sure whether it belongs here specifically, but mention the possibility that YouTube may shut down entirely[1][2] ( under continuing legal pressure ( On the other hand, isn't YouTube "too big to fail" in some sense?

User:Eighty5cacao/TODO (this page itself)

Look over the "Unknown" section and move anything that isn't a proper TODO to a separate page (User:Eighty5cacao/misc/Random thoughts?)

Writing style

Note to self: Especially in edit summaries, stop using "wp" as an abbreviation for Wikipedia. DuckDuckGo uses it to mean WordPress. ("en.wp" is a little better but should ultimately be deprecated too.)

Project scope issues



Link rot

Links to need checking due to site software changes; at least search URLs are definitely broken as-is.

However, there appears to be an "official" copy of the repository on GitHub - this is probably more searchable

Songs that sound alike not otherwise classified

This section is for MoS or other policy issues that need extended consideration. For actual drafts of MoS items, see above. For song entries that are dubious, see User:Eighty5cacao/misc/Songs that sound alike (investigation needed).
  • MoS issue, also discussed on the investigation page: How do we define "independent musician"? What do we do about artists who publish most of their material noncommercially? (Define "most.")
  • MoS issue: Is it okay for us to have entries that are already discussed in the external links?
    • Specific example for both of the above: Chrissy - My Slushy vs. Ke$ha - Tik Tok (from That Song Sounds Like; this entry mentions a lawsuit; note that there is a slight mistake in the entry: The game Audition Online is actually of Korean origin. BTW, producer Dr. Luke is mentioned in other entries on the site, though he's obviously not relevant to this one...)

Video gaming not otherwise classified

  • Something about colorblind accessibility in video games, and how FantaVision is a poor example; for that matter, blind accessibility
  • Mention the Famicom game Garfield: A Week of Garfield as an example of mystery-meat navigation