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All results since 2017, compiled into one table for readability

The table

Place 7 October 2010 19 February 2011 6 November 2011 7 November 2011 9 November 2011 19 November 2011 27 November 2011 8 April 2012 9 June 2012
1 Precious Moments Precious Moments Precious Moments Precious Moments Precious Moments Precious Moments Precious Moments Precious Moments Precious Moments
2 Kirby Hampsterdance Kirby Hampsterdance Yoshi Hampsterdance Yoshi Kirby Kirby
3 Yoshi Kirby Yoshi Kirby Hampsterdance Yoshi Toad Hampsterdance Yoshi
4 a dog. Peanuts Hampsterdance Yoshi Kirby Pokemon Hampsterdance a dog. Powerpuff Girls
5 Hampsterdance Yoshi a dog. Powerpuff Girls Pokemon Kirby Kirby Yoshi Pokemon
6 Peanuts a dog. Peanuts a dog. Toad Peanuts The Chipmunks Pokemon Toad
7 Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Parappa a dog. South Park Toad Hampsterdance
8 Powerpuff Girls Toad Powerpuff Girls Peanuts Peanuts South Park Peanuts Jar Jar Binks The Chipmunks
9 Winnie the Pooh Powerpuff Girls South Park Toad a dog. Toad Parappa The Chipmunks South Park
10 Toad The Chipmunks Toad Parappa Winnie the Pooh Powerpuff Girls Jeanie Tomaini South Park Peanuts
11 Pinocchio South Park Parappa The Chipmunks Powerpuff Girls Winnie the Pooh Jar Jar Binks Bomberman a dog.
12 The Chipmunks Winnie the Pooh The Chipmunks Jar Jar Binks South Park Natalie Portman Pokemon Powerpuff Girls Bomberman
13 Bomberman Parappa Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh The Chipmunks The Chipmunks Powerpuff Girls Peanuts Parappa
14 Garfield Lego Pinocchio Pinocchio Lego Lego Garfield Lego Lego
15 Lego Bugs Bunny Garfield Garfield Care Bears Parappa a dog. Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh
16 South Park a legless woman. Jar Jar Binks South Park Big Bird Lara Croft Lego Big Bird Pinocchio
17 Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks Bomberman Bomberman Bomberman Jar Jar Binks Lara Croft Parappa Bugs Bunny
18 Parappa Pinocchio a legless woman. Lego Jeanie Tomaini Bugs Bunny Natalie Portman Wheels Natalie Portman
19 Bugs Bunny Big Bird Lego Bugs Bunny Natalie Portman Wheels Fat Ass Natalie Portman Jar Jar Binks
20 Natalie Portman Garfield Natalie Portman a legless woman. Pinocchio Garfield Winnie the Pooh Cacodemon Cacodemon
21 Lara Croft Bomberman Lara Croft Natalie Portman Hanson Algore Bomberman Garfield Care Bears
22 Big Bird Algore Bugs Bunny Big Bird Jar Jar Binks Cacodemon Pinocchio Pinocchio Hanson
23 Davros Care Bears Care Bears Lara Croft Lara Croft Pinocchio Bugs Bunny Davros Wheels
24 a legless woman. Lara Croft Big Bird Care Bears Garfield Jeanie Tomaini Care Bears Bugs Bunny Garfield
25 Hanson Natalie Portman Cacodemon Cacodemon Beavis&Butt-head Bomberman Cacodemon Lara Croft Big Bird
26 Algore Beavis&Butt-head Wheels Wheels Fat Ass Beavis&Butt-head Beavis & Butt-head Jeanie Tomaini Lara Croft
27 Fat Ass Davros Davros Fat Ass Algore Fat Ass Big Bird Care Bears Jeanie Tomaini
28 Beavis&Butt-head Cacodemon Fat Ass Davros Wheels Big Bird Wheels Beavis & Butt-head Fat Ass
29 Cacodemon Fat Ass Algore Beavis&Butt-head Bugs Bunny Care Bears Davros Al Gore Davros
30 Wheels Wheels Beavis&Butt-head Algore Cacodemon Davros Hanson Marilyn Manson Beavis & Butt-head
31 Care Bears Hanson Hanson Marilyn Manson Davros Hanson Al Gore Fat Ass Al Gore
32 Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Hanson Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Hanson Marilyn Manson


7 October 2010

I did the test slowly over several months, with the aid of savestates - specifically, June 8, 2010 until just a little while earlier today (Oct. 7) according to the creation and modification dates on my savestate file. I did not experience any significantly traumatic events during this time (although something relevant to the Holmes and Rahe scale happened).

19 February 2011

Completed in two sittings approximately 24 hours apart

6 November 2011

Done in approx. 5-6 sittings. Not sure when I actually started this test; it would have been sometime in early September. The creation date of the savestate file appears to be 1 October 2011, but that is when I moved to a new computer.

I have been watching a lot of South Park lately.

7 November 2011

I did this test on the 5-November-2011 build in one sitting. Yeah... it looks like I got Manson and Hanson mixed up for the first time.

9 November 2011

I did this test on the 7-November-2011 build in one sitting.

19 November 2011

I did this test on the 16-November-2011 build in one sitting.

It took me this long to figure out that Jeanie Tomaini was the "legless woman."

27 November 2011

I did this test on the 26-November-2011 build in two sittings, with the break at approximately 50% on the progress meter (savestate used of course).

8 April 2012

Same build as before (26 November 2011); done in three (?) sittings

9 June 2012

Still the 26 November 2011 build. Completed in two sittings

The television set which I normally use to watch South Park is no longer functioning (specifically, the backlight is at fault). There are more important things I could mention, but I won't bother to do so...

I thought I was rather nice to Jar Jar Binks this time; turns out I was wrong. That's what mergesort does...

Yes, I am trying to do the test as fairly as possible, trusting my first instincts.