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| § Magibon (New readers: This page contains Out-Of-Universe information related to the linked Wild Mass Guess (WMG). Please see the definition of WMG)
  • Regarding mu: compare wu wei, noting that Magibon satisfies the letter but not the spirit: wu wei implies non-desire of material wealth[1][2], but Magibon is in it for the YouTube Partner money. Mention something about the line "I want to be a human being, not a human doing" from "Scatman's World." TODO: How can we connect this mu to the Discordian meaning ("Have you stopped beating your wife")?
  • Outside of her YouTube uploads, Magibon looks a bit like Suzanne Vega. Compare for example these TV interviews with Suzanne Vega's appearance in the music video and single cover of "Luka."
  • Also compare to the covers of the Evanescence album Fallen, the Moby album Everything Is Wrong, and the Dannii Minogue single "Success." "Bring Me to Life" contains the lyrics "How can you see into my eyes like open doors?" and "Save me from the nothing I've become"
  • Magibon may have prominent ears and/or a mild case of lop ear[1][2][3]. Some YouTube commenters have compared Magibon to an elf, for example on the second of the aforementioned videos. (See also this Yahoo Answers post)
  • In this interview[dead link], Magibon says that she consciously decided not to use any music in her videos because of copyright issues.
  • Also incorporate something from this interview, which mentions disagreements with talent agencies and explains her decision to focus on the Japanese language (almost As Long as It Sounds Foreign but not quite—she wants to avoid creating bias in her fanbase)
  • Say something about Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness.
  • Investigate how various other philosophies view "doing nothing"; maybe tie in stuff at the bottom of this Yahoo Answers post?
  • The absence of foreground stimuli creates a dramatic effect. Those stimuli that are present include noises from fans, wind, trucks braking (?), etc. Magibon was ASMR when ASMR wasn't cool, as any interested, patient viewer should observe.
  • Magibon has just enough of a smile on her face to prevent the result from being totally creepy—neither too little nor too much (for examples of the latter, see Overly Attached Girlfriend(kym) or perhaps Stephanie Courtney as adult Flo)
  • 5 Innocent Things That Science Says Make People Hate You (Cracked): Magibon is paying attention to #4 and violating #5; that is, she appears to intentionally approach the camera close to make her facial proportions appear more Asian.
  • I first heard of Magibon through some AfD or DRV discussion on Wikipedia. Really. Figure out how to work this in... something about negationism or denial and deception
  • Most current Magibon fans seem to be Spanish speakers; this is due in part to various Spanish-language blogs covering the (officially-unrelated) website.
  • Consider resemblance of #55 and #56 to a Kubrick stare. See also the musical works mentioned above.
  • Why does /r/magibon almost always seem to have at least one registered user reading it, despite its lack of content? Is this related to Reddit's fuzzing of quantitative statistics, or is it perhaps a server-side caching problem? Is that user Magibon herself?
  • Know Your Meme's editors hypothesized in a video article from May 2011 that Magibon could be a publicity stunt similar to lonelygirl15. So far, this has not proved true.