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  • Madotsuki's "Family Game" (ファミリィゲーム) console is a combination famiclone/16-bit clone; she once owned a version of Lemmings for the 16-bit side, but the cartridge became lost, stolen, or damaged.[1]
  • Madotsuki has Charles Bonnet syndrome, exacerbated by a head injury suffered while riding a bicycle without a helmet[2]

Extended writeups for All The Tropes


  1. The console's name is untranslated in the English fan translation and translated as "Famtendo Game" in the official English version for Windows.
    The console appears to have two cartridge slots. It would have been unlikely for a famiclone of this type to exist during the time that the authentic Famicom was contemporary.
    Among other things, experience with Lemmings would explain the appearance of the Midget effect, in particular why there can be more than one midget at a time and why the midgets explode so spectacularly.
  2. Charles Bonnet syndrome (visual release hallucinations) often produces Lilliputian hallucinations (compare the Midget effect) and leads to social isolation. See also the BBC's report on one case.