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WMG This article contains wild mass guessing, or original research about the settings, characters, or events in a work of fiction.


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  • The Dogbert Temp Agency or one of its subcontractors used genetic engineering to create Monoko,[dilbert 1] the Pirori and Nopperabou Witches,[dilbert 2] and the disembodied arms of the Eyeball World and Staircase of Hands.[dilbert 3] Perhaps they are also involved in the development and use of targeted temperature management (a.k.a. "therapeutic hypothermia") and/or cryogenics technology.[1]
  • Madotsuki is B.D. from Palette. (Extended writeup coming soon.)
  • Madotsuki's "Family Game" (ファミリィゲーム) console contains both a famiclone and a clone of a 16-bit console; she once owned a version of Lemmings for the 16-bit side, but the cartridge became lost, stolen, or damaged.[2] The 8-bit side was supplied with multiple built-in games or a multicart; the included games were, among others, NASU, Bokosuka Wars, and Mother. However, an address line got fried in such a way that only NASU was playable.
    • Or, perhaps Madotsuki is a Lemming dreaming about what it would be like to be human; unfortunately, much of the Lemmings' knowledge about human life stems from often-violent fictional media. The NPCs drawn in super-deformed proportions are fellow Lemmings, and the more realistically-proportioned humanoids represent actual humans. Madotsuki cannot open the door of her real-world bedroom because it normally opens only when her presence is requested in a Lemmings level.
  • Madotsuki is Umihara Kawase (the eponymous protagonist) in a bad future where pollution has horribly mutated all the fish and sent her spiraling into insanity.[3]


  • Madotsuki has Charles Bonnet syndrome, exacerbated by a head injury suffered while riding a bicycle without a helmet.[4]
  • A film set, theatrical play, and/or puppet show comprises Madotsuki's known "real world" and "dream world."[5]
  • Madotsuki is a fetus who is picking up psychic echoes of the world around her but hasn't yet learned the context in which to interpret them; her "death" in the ending is actually her birth.

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Detailed justifications

Dilbert strips

  1. See the original Dogbert Temp Agency arc, published on 2000 November 15–18, which depicts a temporary employee with an extra arm.
  2. See the hole-headed juror from the 2000 December 6 strip. Also, the Barracks Settlement looks as though it is located in Elbonia.
  3. See the all-hands meeting of 2007 July 9.