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This is a holding cell for questionable "Songs that sound alike" ideas.

TODO: Reorganize into "acceptable matches with sourcing issues" and "weaker matches"

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Flying Omelette has a page on this topic (focusing on video games). Maybe take a look there later on

  1. Surprisingly enough(?), the Scooter song came first.[1]
  2. The video's description says 2004. Obviously, that is incorrect, unless it refers to a reissue not listed on Wikipedia.
  3. Of Makoto Uchida and Tohru Nakabayashi, who wrote what?
  4. 4.0 4.1 Among Ippo Yamada, Yu Shimoda, Ryo Kawakami, and Hiroki Isogai, who wrote what?
  5. Is "Plug Electric" the official title of this song?
  6. Is "Thunder Tornado" the official title of this song?
  7. Credits (MS-DOS version). Many web pages list the people responsible for the game but do not clearly specify who did what.
  8. Specifically commented on as dubious here, but I don't think it's that bad
  9. There appears formerly to have existed an artist with the alias "Nightcore," but now the word is commonly used by YouTube users to refer to any upward pitch and tempo shift of a song, with or without additional remixing.
  10. There is some dispute on the best transliteration of this name and whether it should be written in Western or Eastern order (which order is it in now?). It is given here as it appears in the credits of the North American PlayStation release of Thunder Force V.
  11. Is Go Sato an alias of Akira Sato(h)?