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Page moves

From To Summary Footnotes
A Jax A Jax (Arcade) has an X68000 port
Air Rescue Air Rescue (Sega Master System) distinguish from arcade game
Amidar Amidar (Arcade) has an Atari 2600 port
Below the Root Below the Root (Commodore 64) also for Apple II and DOS
Binary Land Binary Land (NES) also for MSX
BittBoy TBD; possibly:
BittBoy Mini FC 300 in 1 (2017)
has an alleged earlier version with 128 games (citation needed) and a later version with different hardware
Chase H.Q. (FM Towns) Taito Chase H.Q. (FM Towns) per the title screen
Crazy Climber 2 Crazy Climber 2 (Arcade) has an X68000 port [pagemove 1]
D D (PlayStation)
Dance Dance Revolution (Arcade) Dance Dance Revolution (Arcade, 1998) distinguish from the 2013 version
Dance Dance Revolution (PlayStation) Dance Dance Revolution (PlayStation, US) distinguish from Japanese port of 1stMIX
DoDonPachi DoDonPachi (Arcade) has PlayStation and Saturn ports
Espial Espial (Arcade) has ports on Atari 2600, Atari 8-bit family computers, and C64
Famimaga Disk Vol. 1: Hong Kong Hong Kong (Famicom Disk System) We don't include "Famimaga Disk" in article titles (cf. All 1 and Puyo Puyo (Famicom Disk System)) [pagemove 2]
Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) has a Windows port
Fire One Fire One (Arcade) has a C64 port
GB Hunter GB Hunter (Nintendo 64) also for PlayStation [pagemove 3]
Hatris Hatris (NES) also for arcade and Game Boy
In Your Face In Your Face (Game Boy) distinguish from unreleased arcade game
Kirikou Kirikou (Game Boy Color) there is a PlayStation game based on the same film
Lazors Lazors (iOS) also for Android
MaxPlay Classic Games MaxPlay Classic Games (PlayStation 2) if Metroid Fusion does not exist in the GameCube version (per talk), then the article is not covering it
Mega Man X Mega Man X (SNES) has a DOS port
Mega Man X7 (Windows) Rockman X7 (Windows, 2004) not considering the newer port with a different codebase, this was never officially released under the "Mega Man" title
Mega Man X8 Mega Man X8 (PlayStation 2) has a Windows port
Mouja Mouja (Arcade) has a Saturn port
NANACA†CRASH!! NANACA†CRASH!! (Adobe Flash) has (had?) iOS and Android ports, already mentioned in the article
Operation Thunderbolt Operation Thunderbolt (Arcade) has an SNES port
P-47: The Freedom Fighter P-47: The Freedom Fighter (TurboGrafx-16) ambiguous because the arcade game has been released under both titles [pagemove 4]
P-47: The Phantom Fighter P-47: The Phantom Fighter (Arcade) ambiguous because the arcade game has been released under both titles [pagemove 4]
Palamedes Palamedes (NES) port of an arcade game, also for Game Boy
Pepsiman Pepsiman (PlayStation) distinguish from arcade game [pagemove 5]
Phelios Phelios (Arcade) has a Genesis port
Rally Point 2 TBD; possibly:
Rally Point 2 (Windows, 2019)
if this isn't the original version, it needs disambiguation [pagemove 6]
Scramble Scramble (Arcade)
Sky Destroyer Sky Destroyer (NES) port of an arcade game
Super C Super C (NES) the Amiga and DOS ports of Super Contra were also titled Super C
Super Real Mahjong PIV Super Real Mahjong PIV (SNES) port of an arcade game
Taito Legends TBD; possibly:
Taito Legends (Windows, Xbox)
needs disambiguation from Taito Legends (PlayStation 2) [pagemove 7]
Tang Tang Tang Tang (Game Boy Advance) port of an arcade game
The Speed Rumbler The Speed Rumbler (Arcade) has a C64 port
Top Gunner Top Gunner (Konami) Exidy also released an arcade game titled Top Gunner in 1986 [pagemove 8]
WolfQuest WolfQuest (Windows, Mac OS X) has an iOS port
Yume Nikki Yume Nikki (Windows) has HTML5, Android, and iOS ports [pagemove 9]
  1. The X68000 port may only have been released in a compilation that also included a port of the original Crazy Climber. If so, is it still relevant for disambiguation purposes?
  2. Consider creating a "Famimaga Disk series" category/template.
  3. The European PlayStation release is titled GameBooster, just as on the Nintendo 64. The most common North American PlayStation release is titled Super GB Booster Plus (on the box?), but a version which displays the title GB Hunter does exist (are these the same? TODO).
  4. 4.0 4.1 There are also some Western home-computer ports under the "Freedom" title; not sure whether the "Phantom" title is actually ambiguous
  5. Is the PlayStation game's full official title Pepsiman: The Running Hero?
  6. If there are no console versions, then the title should be Rally Point 2 (2019)
  7. If the content described in the article exists only in the Windows version, then the correct title is Taito Legends (Windows)
  8. Consider creating a redirect from Jackal (Arcade).
  9. Warning: many subpages. Consider giving a heads-up to active editors such as Dasutein.
    The ports are not exact ports or emulations of the RPG Maker 2003 engine; they have unique audiovisual bugs and possibly debugging content.


Article content

(includes bugs, notes, and prototype pages)

"Namco System 21" and "Namco System 22" BIOS articles could probably be created for the strings in the DSP ROMs; this necessitates the moving of information from some existing articles and possibly the deletion of some articles.

The value provided to the base parameter of Template:Bob should generally be italicized, with a few exceptions.

Atlantis no Nazo

The wording "The mind boggles" in the lede would seem to violate the policy about editorializing. (If you disagree, please create a policy discussion about how critical reception of a game should be cited.)

Castle Shikigami 2 (PlayStation 2)#Debug Display

This is likely an arcade leftover but isn't yet described as such. "Main" and "media b(oar)d IDs" were conventionally displayed by games on the NAOMI and other Sega arcade system boards of the same era.

Danger Zone

Sega published this game in Japan; see this flyer.

In the Groove (PlayStation 2)

Unused memory-card debugging features

A Bugs page should be created for the Topgrade issue mentioned on the talk page.

TODO: Does the StepMania engine's usual logging code exist anywhere? Can it be enabled as devkit output with a GameShark code?


Some of the audio files aren't actually unused; the "scrapped" ending is accessible under obscure circumstances (TODO)

Sega Saturn

The word "four" in the lede should link to Category:PlayStation 4 games.

Sega Titan Video

Please add a base parameter to the Bob with a link to Sega Saturn; don't italicize this because it isn't a single game.

The King of Fighters '97 (Game Boy)

Per precedent from 7 Grand Dad, do not list the original developer in the Bob.

The Punisher (Genesis)#Unknown Debug Menu

This appears to be an arcade leftover (cf. the excerpt from 0x279AC in ROMs pse_27.12e+pse_31.12f in The Punisher (Arcade)/Unused Text) but isn't yet described as such.

Taito Legends (PlayStation 2)

The mention of RayStorm should be RayForce (RayStorm is the subsequent game in the series).

The emulation code is generally believed to be based on MAME; TODO: Verify whether it is specifically MAME 0.87, as this text seems to imply. There was a point in MAME's history when "disabling sound" would disable emulation of any sound CPU; this is no longer the case and should be explained.


Please add a base parameter to the Bob with a link to GameCube; don't italicize this because it isn't a single game.

If Sega handled all the manufacturing and distribution, perhaps they should be listed as the sole publisher.

Umihara Kawase (SNES)

The bob is inaccurate because both TNN and NHK SC are technically publishers; the developers were not part of a formal company at this time (explanation unfinished; one developer went to Agatsuma Entertainment, and another founded Studio Saizensen; TODO names)

The sound driver is by Atelier Double, but please see "Policy discussions" below before boldly adding this.

Bugs:Yume Nikki#Speed Glitch

The glitch described here works only in fan translations, because they remove the "Move while seated" message. This section should be about the hyperspeed glitch, which works in all versions based on 0.10a.

TODO: there are some unfixed cosmetic bugs specific to the official English release

Categorization of articles

TODO: NEC Avenue vs. NEC Interchannel; ambiguous "IGS" abbreviation (Information Global Service vs. International Games System, only the former of which currently has articles); corporate hierarchy of Kadokawa Dwango; Square Enix owns Taito; etc.?

Category pages

Category:Games developed by Incredible Technologies

The current description says "Not-so-incredible games," which would seem to violate the policy on editorializing. It should be rewritten/expanded.

Category:PlayStation games

The words SNES "Play Station" CD-ROM attachment in the lede should link to Super Disc Boot ROM.

Category:Sega Ages 2500 series

This category and its corresponding template should be merged with Sega series.

Category:Unlicensed PlayStation 2 games

The italicized "Yes, these exist" text qualifies as editorializing and should be removed.

Disambiguation pages to create

Akumajou Dracula

Akumajou Dracula may refer to:

Policy discussions

  • Should developers of sound drivers be credited in the bob? (TODO: Examples) We obviously don't want to credit Nintendo, Sega, or Technopop for every use of N-SPC, SMPS, or GEMS, but just about any other sound driver should be noteworthy enough if it has a verified developer who is not the developer of the platform on which the game runs.
  • Are arbitrary-code-execution exploits such as those used in these tool-assisted speedruns considered valid content for the Bugs namespace? (Per my understanding of existing site rules, exploits that require a save file to be modified outside of the game itself are not to be considered.)

TODO: "(Wii)" vs. "(WiiWare)" naming convention needs to be decided upon and applied consistently


TODO: "Simple series," "Sega Ages 2500 series," and similar should include game titles


There probably ought to be a pnpsys parameter to show plug-and-play hardware platforms, the same way we are doing with arcadesys.

Template:Madou Monogatari series

Add a "See also Puyo Puyo" line