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*kikiyama - [[tcrf:Prerelease:Yume Nikki|KALIMBA]]
*kikiyama - [[tcrf:Prerelease:Yume Nikki|KALIMBA]]
*Mr. Scruff - [[wikipedia:Ninja Tuna|Kalimba]]
*Mr. Scruff - [[wikipedia:Ninja Tuna|Kalimba]]
Other possibilities include anything published by [[wikipedia:Ninja Tune|Ninja Tune]], especially the works of [[wikipedia:Hexstatic|Hexstatic]], and the NES game [[wikipedia:Zombie Nation (video game)|''Zombie Nation'']].
Other possibilities include anything published by [[wikipedia:Ninja Tune|Ninja Tune]] and the NES game [[wikipedia:Zombie Nation (video game)|''Zombie Nation'']].
=== Mad Playa Divided ===
=== Mad Playa Divided ===

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This is a list of musical mashups on which I will consider working at some point in the future. (It won't be any time soon.)

Inclusion on this page is not a claim of any particular licensing status or fair-use rationale, nor will completed mashups necessarily be uploaded to this wiki.

TODO: Listen to some of Stefani Germanotta's works from before she was known as Lady Gaga.

Demos for Songs that sound alike

Just Dance Tetralogy

  • Lady Gaga - Just Dance
  • Ke$ha - Tik Tok
  • Katy Perry - California Gurls
  • Miley Cyrus - Permanent December

See also other people's trilogies: without "Permanent December," without "Permanent December," and without "Just Dance." (The last of these is already on the mainspace article; the others should go there eventually.)

Demos for Songs that sound alike (video games)

TODO: Content removed in this edit should be moved here

196 BPM Megamix

Alternative title: Tough Enough -Monolithic Vision-

At least 3 min long

Radical Jordan

  • Elton John - All the Girls Love Alice
  • TaQ - Radical Faith
  • Buckethead - Jordan

TODO: Disconnected vs. Trap Queen (but see below)

Both or neither

Section was formerly titled "Personal use"; current title means "For each entry, both or neither STSA and/nor STSA-vg apply, or the similarity is not sufficient to justify the creation of a demo."

The songs in each entry are in no particular order; that is, the order listed below does not necessarily represent the order the songs would be played within an actual mashup.

Brain dump: *"The Promised Land (of Bagpipes)" - Lagoona vs. A-Moe; *"Blood Lullaby (Xtra Noise Mix)" - Sanxion7 vs. Suzanne Vega; *whatever fits with "We Didn't Start the Fire"; "LOVE 321 SHINE" (LOVE heart SHINE vs. 321 Stars); KaW - Take Me Back vs. Pendulum - Watercolour (2010) [1] (maybe also throw in neogenesis on this one?); "BOYS (Super-Euro-Me Mix)" (BOYS (Euro Mix) vs. MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me Mix)); "The 1-2-3-4-007 Jump"; "Dancinghog" (Dancingbox [by Modeselektor] vs. Groundhog [by Noisia]); TODO something with Beverly Hills 90210, Beverly Hills Cop (Axel F), and Moon Patrol; "Insane Machine" (Becoming Insane [by Infected Mushroom] vs. Return of the Machines [by Oforia])

(* indicates already on investigation page)

Without title similarities: Bear Down, Arizona! vs. This is Chase H.Q.! (the song from the title screen/attract mode of Chase H.Q.; dubious);[1] "Moonlight Shadow" vs. "Satellite One"

Fukkireta MAXX

"Fukkireta" is the name of an Internet meme based on the song おちゃめ機能 (Ochame Kinou, lit. "Mischievous function") (artist info needed)[2] Until I get around to explaining further, refer to the aforementioned KnowYourMeme article.

TODO: Longer version exists (linked separately because it's not in the KnowYourMeme article); make both short and long versions of the mashup?


TODO: Also work Smash Mouth's "All Star" into this

TODO: Similarities with CANDY✩ and Pachelbel's Canon, both of which are dubious and evident primarily in the instrumental version

Jigga Jigga! (First Degree Mix)

Currently, this has no relation to Bananarama's song "Love in the First Degree." However, "What Do You Want from Me?" contains the phrase "love in the first degree" in its lyrics.

KalimbaKraft 431

Explaining the title joke: 400 + 24 (as in the 24 Effects from Yume Nikki) + 7 (as in Windows 7)

Other possibilities include anything published by Ninja Tune and the NES game Zombie Nation.

Mad Playa Divided

(very much a working title)

  • Tears for Fears - Mad World (or which cover version?)
  • Hamel and St.Croix feat. Jules Mari - Playa (Original Mix) (from DDR X; are there other versions without the "Original Mix" subtitle?)
  • Linkin Park - New Divide

Dubious: Alexander Perls (as 009 Sound System) - Dreamscape

That's How Love Moves (Euphorium.EXE Edit)

  • Faith Hill - That's How Love Moves
  • DM Ashura - Euphorium
  • FIXME (as Mr.T) - EXE
  • Akira Yamaoka - i feel...

Through the Honey and Punch (Lockjaw Edit)

Probably a Long Version. One of the comparisons is from STSA and the other is from STSA-vg; this is here because it seemed better than making two copies for the sections above.

The title in a simfile should probably be written Through the HONEY and PUNCH with (Lockjaw Edit) possibly as a subtitle, to match the official DDR capitalization of HONEY PUNCH.

  • Dave Wise - Lockjaw's Saga
  • Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames
  • Riyu Kosaka - Honey Punch

Untitled (tentatively "CacaoMix" series)

(probably better to call this "Ymix")

Compare the "Xmix" series from DDR X. These will all be Long Versions.

All songs are from official DDR or ITG games unless otherwise stated. These are based more on "themes" than on any real similarity between the songs, though the aforementioned "196 BPM Megamix" could be made a member of this series.

  1. Telecom (Operator, Telephone Operator, Disconnected...)
  2. Series of Tubes (WWW.BLONDE GIRL, Online [ITG3], Less Than Three (Ricardo Autobahn Remix) by Becky [ITG3/Universe 3])) – or "Telecom part 2"?
  3. Overly Attached (see the songs used in this video by Laina "Overly Attached Girlfriend" Morris, but use slightly more of each song, again combining them in a way similar to the official Xmixes)
  4. Angular Momentum (Spin the disc, While Tha Rekkid Spinz, Spin Chicken, Polar 240 [by ParagonX9]) – the name is inspired by Xmix4 (Linear Momentum)
    Why "Polar 240"? (1) Polar coordinate system; (2) It sounds like something from the Castlevania series, and "Xmix4 (Linear Momentum)" contains "Bloody Tears (IIDX Edition)."
  5. Memetic Motorsport Mutation (The Race, Drivin', Stop! & Go [ITG3/PIUPRO], Freeway Shuffle, Running in the 90's, Red Zone, SigSig, smooooch)

Untitled (Elecman)

  • Journey - Faithfully
  • ABBA - The Winner Takes It All
  • Mega Man 1 Elecman theme

Untitled (Gallantry)

Tentative title: Gallantry (Perpetual Lemming Counter Attack)

  • Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941
  • Akira Satoh(?) - Gallantry
  • Brian Johnston(?) - Lemming(s) 3
  • KaW - Dawn (Perpetual Mix)

Untitled (IceCap Zone)

TODO: A mashup this big needs more detailed explanations; cf. User:Tepples/Mash-up ideas

  • The Jetzons - Hard Times
  • Michael Jackson - Who Is It
  • IceCap Zone Act 1
  • Sanxion7 - Midnight of the North
  • Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
  • The Cardigans - My Favourite Game (see also Natalie Browne version)
  • Madonna - Die Another Day
  • Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (due mainly to similarities with "My Favourite Game")
  • Oforia feat. Bwicked - Return of the Machines (due mainly to similarities with "My Favourite Game")

Untitled (Into the Night)

  • Benny Mardones - Into the Night
  • Phil Collins - One More Night
  • Phil Collins - Take Me Home
  • Trisha Yearwood - How Do I Live (?)
  • Mega Man 10 Wily stage 1

Untitled (neogenesis)

  • DM Ashura - neogenesis
  • ABBA - Lay All Your Love On Me
  • Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom – slightly similar to "Lay All Your Love On Me," not so much to "neogenesis" itself
  • The Eagles - Hotel California
  • Billy Joel - Piano Man
  • Faith Hill - The Hard Way

Untitled (ResuRection)

  • PPK - ResuRection (also incorporate original Siberiade theme?)
  • PPK - Reload
  • KaW - Kagami
  • Lily Allen - Not Fair

Ideally, I would rearrange "Kagami" using the instrumentation from "ResuRection" and "Reload." However, I have neither the time nor the money to put any substantial effort into this.

Similar in titles only

If anything, these could form interesting courses, perhaps Xmix-style nonstop megamixes with scripted mods. See also similar ideas above.


  1. Explaining the joke: The non-Japanese arcade releases of Chase H.Q. contain a "Bear down" voice sample. (The entry itself is a serious idea, not a pure joke.)
  2. Fukkireta (吹っ切れた) | Know Your Meme Originally by "Lamaze-P"/"Gojimaji-P"; need further investigation as to the notability of creators of cover versions
  3. Kyle Ward has officially denied being ZiGZaG, but the ZiGZaG song "Pandemonium" contains a drum track similar to that from the KaW song "Indulgence" (i.e., one song is potentially a remake of the other). On Kyle Ward's personal blog (which may no longer exist - TODO), a commenter speculated that ZiGZaG is instead Chris Foy, another ITG developer.
  4. For example, see Fraxtil's simfile from the Tsunamix III pack, the Single Easy chart of which doesn't involve any actual jumps... Another simfile author made a conscious decision to use mines instead of actual jumps when the lyrics say "jump"; that simfile does contain real jumps elsewhere.
  5. Yes, I'm aware that the B-side is titled "House of Pain."