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Notes for the developers


I have emailed you quite frequently, and I am already credited in the extension's "About" dialog. You may or may not be able to guess my real name based on this information; if you do, please try to avoid disclosing the association between my real name and my account on this wiki (Eighty5cacao). Please do not add "Eighty5cacao" to the About box.

I hereby release all contributions related to this page into the public domain. In jurisdictions where that is not possible, this wiki's standard [ CC-BY 3.0] license applies, with the attribution requirement to be interpreted as liberally as possible (see below for details).

Formatting conventions

For a subpage that contains only one ruleset,

For a subpage that contains multiple rulesets,

Generally, a subpage User:Eighty5cacao/misc/HTTPS Everywhere/rulewip/Foo Bar corresponds to a ruleset file Foo_Bar.xml. Be aware that the raw wikitext of each page will contain __NOINDEX__<syntaxhighlight lang="xml"> before the actual ruleset content and </syntaxhighlight>{{DEFAULTSORT:filename}} after. (Some pages will contain multiple rulesets; for such pages, the heading of each section indicates the desired file name for the corresponding ruleset.)

I am aware that I have overlooked some aspects of your style guidelines, and not all comments are perfectly accurate. Tabs are sometimes represented by spaces (3 or 4 spaces/tab) due to the MediaWiki interface preventing a tab from being typed directly.

Additional notes on each ruleset can be found on the corresponding talk (discussion) page.

Please do not assume that rulesets with "partial" in the name cause mixed active content. By "partial" I mean specifically that some paths within a domain do not work in https, and/or some domains affiliated with the site are not (yet) covered. This often applies to rulesets that cover resources within a page but not the page itself, which is consistent with MB's typical usage. If I mean platform="mixedcontent", I will explicitly say so.

Changes to existing rulesets

Additions to existing rulesets

The contents of each subpage in this section can be installed as a user ruleset for testing purposes. (This differs from the section above, in which each subpage's contents are meant to supersede the existing ruleset.) As such, the name fields differ from those of the existing rulesets, though it should be obvious in each case (from the page/file names) what existing ruleset is to be amended.

New rulesets

New rulesets (default off)

See subpage: /New rulesets (default off)