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Here I give examples of the signatures I have used on various forums.

Compare Tepples's Slashdot signatures. However, as previously stated:

  • I will not name specific forums.
  • Most of these signatures are intended primarily for humor, as opposed to promoting my position on a specific issue.
  • This list will never be comprehensive.


I am not actively contributing to any site that does not run MediaWiki software; "active" means only that the signatures in question were the most recent ones configured on the sites where they were used.

Magibon: Staring in the Copyrobeast's face since 2006

The problem is that the world is run by neurotypical businessmen who just want to see results now.

"Ubuntu: Linux for Human Beings" opposed to what?
Linux for extraterrestrial life-forms?

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue Morlock.

Why I don't use Google Chrome
(the link points to
Originally, HTTPS-Everywhere was available exclusively for Firefox because other browsers lacked the necessary APIs. There is now a public beta for Chrome, but I will not consider using Chrome as my browser due to Google's poor track record on privacy. Also, HTTPS-Everywhere for Chrome doesn't currently play nice with other content-filtering extensions due to limitations of the WebRequest API used by these extensions. (There are other reasons that I don't use any Chromium-based browser at all, but that is beyond the scope of this discussion. Also TODO, mention other bugginess in HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome)

Not used

The Urban Dictionary entry for tor does not mention that Tor. I am disappoint.
Dubious, mainly because Urban Dictionary accepts user submissions. For the end see dram:I am disappoint.

YouTube Content ID: The only winning move is not to play
This is not meant to advocate a boycott of YouTube

Onions and onion routers - tools for political change