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WMG This article contains wild mass guessing, or original research about the settings, characters, or events in a work of fiction.

This page describes ideas for sequels to Damian Yerrick's current projects. Speculation on existing plot events may be added later.

Video games

A large (US-sized?) country in the game world is inhabited only by Humans. (TODO: Explain why.) All laboratories and most manufacturing plants of Hombon Pharma are located in this country. The original Concentration Room accident is relatively confined to one laboratory; the sequel involves a more serious accident (sabotage?) at a factory producing Pinenut and/or other psychoactive drugs. The contamination from this incident spreads great distances via air and water, thus affecting all sentient races.

Such a sequel could include multiple types of puzzle games and possibly action-RPG elements.

One plot point might be a threatened destruction of a building by fire as a last-resort decontamination method.

An episode of DX Town could describe the reactions of non-Human races to the incident.

Gameplay details

Non-interactive media

Unsorted TODOs

  • Name for the game world's planet
  • Temporal separation between Concentration Room and the first episode of DX Town
  • Other than Pinenut, what drugs (if any) has Hombon Pharma developed?
  • Work Cookie Clicker into this somehow — drugged cookies, or selling cookies merely as a method of money laundering?