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If you can't find what you are looking for here, it is probably in the archive.

This page contains miscellaneous software and website bugs that I am currently too busy to report through the official channels.


Skype for Windows (version 8)

Note to any Skype developers who may have bookmarked this page: My routine cleanup of this page is not an attempt to take my ball and go home.
  • Spell-checking issues:
    • "iMessage" is not accepted even though most other Apple iProducts are. Why - just because it's a competing product?
    • The abbreviation "msgs" is flagged, but its singular "msg" seems to be accepted. Strangely, the capitalization "MSGs" is accepted, even though "MSG" is usually an abbreviation for monosodium glutamate and is therefore a non-count noun.

Please consider integrating with Windows 10's system-wide spell checker, or at least respect the toggle that allows it to be disabled.




AGDQ VOD Thread 2019 and SGDQ VOD Thread 2019 (URL not handy) have links to Internet Archive items which are broken because Games Done Quick stopped uploading to the Internet Archive after SGDQ 2017. Presumably this issue also existed for the 2018 GDQs, but I never verified those links. Whatever redditor maintains these threads should either remove this line from their template or actually create the Internet Archive items so as to contain archives of relevant Web pages and other textual documentation, with an explanation of why no videos are included.