The Man Himself

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The Man Himself is an NPC who can be unlocked as a playable character. Before unlocking, he acts as a guide to the player.

Concept art of The Man Himself
Large, 16x32 version of TMH

Age: 105

Weight: 1/2 whey

Height: two paces

He's old school. Doesn't like metric or imperial.


Born in the mountains of Russia in the midst of (Insert relevant conflict that happened 105 years prior to the game's setting), he learned quickly to survive. Hired by the Russian government to act as a double-agent in the US government, who, unknowing of his past, hired him as a double-agent inside the Russian government, he learned many skills relating to combat, mental capacity, psychological ability and spiritual well-being. After a shuttlecock to the knee rendered him unable to walk without his cane, he retired shortly after the war ended and devoted the rest of his life to increasing his intelligence. An old man now, he stumbles upon the player-character and decides to help him.

Current Details

Having lived a long life, he doesn't really feel like (insert game objective here) anymore. He passes on his knowledge to the young 'uns instead, though he's still got a few kicks left in him. Is an NPC from the start of the game, like the tutorial guy, but is playable later on.

Primary weapon: Cane hit: His cane is made of carbon nanotubes painted to look like wood. His horribly slow reflexes resulting from old age doesn't give it a lot of kick, however.

Secondary weapon: Hat frisbee: His hat isn't made of carbon nanotubes. It's made of felt. Really good felt, though. Cost him like 40 bucks. Ranged weapon.

Special: Intelligence overload: Y'know how the Internet has more knowledge than one person could possibly know? Well TMH doesn't know that much, obviously, but he knows quite a bit. Browsing Wikipedia aimlessly has finally paid off. Analyse your enemy to the atom, get the weakness of every aspect of the enemy, and deal serious damage.

Introduction Scene

(Insert opening scene here, then meet The Man Himself)

The Man Himself: "Woah! You nearly toppled me over! You're a strong lad. Almost *too* strong. Huh? Sorry, getting flashbacks from the war. What war? Doesn't really matter right now. Tell you what. Kill them (insert generic, basic, enemy's name) over there and I'll teach you a few things. Couple of stories, too."

  • >Okay
    • (Walks over to the enemies that are too weak to not lose against and wins)
    • "That was pretty good, hey. I see a younger me in you. Wanna learn a few tips and tricks to getting by around here?"
      • >Yeaman shore
      • "Alright!" (goes into tutorial/training)
      • >Nah
      • "Oh well. You coulda learnt some stuff, lad. Too late now! Chance gone! No takebacks!"