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Further information about this topic is available at {{{link}}}. This page has been protected from editing. If you have an idea for this page, feel free to bring it up on the talk page.


{{Soft redirect}} is used to create a soft redirect to an informative page on another web site, as an alternative to protecting the title of a deleted page. The talk page for a salted page should be either unprotected or redirected to another unprotected talk page. If a page is salted because of heavy vandalism, ask an administrator to protect it.

The only required argument is link, whose value should be a double-bracketed interwiki link or a single-bracketed external link. site is the name of the site with the linked page, and because is a reason for salting the page, displayed only if the page is in fact protected.

This template places pages in Category:Soft redirects.

Examples of use:

  • {{Soft redirect|because=it is a spam magnet|site=Wikipedia|link=[[wikipedia:Sildenafil]]}}