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Calculates the number of days since August 31, 1993, estimating the time that the Internet has been commercialized for use by the public.

The "September that never ended", as Dave Fischer called it in a post to alt.folklore.computers, marks the start of use of Internet services by the general public. Before 1993, the Internet was largely confined to universities, which experienced a periodic influx of freshmen arriving without a concept of netiquette at the start of each school year in the fall. But in 1993, AOL bridged its discussion boards to Usenet, and the beta version of the NCSA Mosaic web browser became available. These led to a more steady stream of inexperienced users that some long-time Internet users found problematic. Others, however, realized that September means growth.


In all the {{sdate}} days of the Internet, I've never seen such a...

In all the 9155 days of the Internet, I've never seen such a...

September {{sdate}}, 1993

September 9155, 1993