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Copyright notice:

This is a copyrighted illustration of a character in a work published by the mainstream entertainment industry, which is known for putting next to nothing under a license for free cultural works. The uploader claims that the display of this image in the article Men's gowns is a fair use under United States copyright law:

Purpose of use
To illustrate various ways men and boys wearing long shirtlike garments have been depicted in media.
Character of use
The operator of the web site makes no money from the use.
Amount and effect on value
One still at SDTV resolution or smaller, which cannot be used to reconstitute the original animation, other panels of the comic, etc.
No. Unlike free examples, mainstream examples show that the pattern's breadth is not restricted in some important way. Relying solely on examples from pre-1924 works might imply that a pattern has since fallen from use, and relying solely on examples from works not well known to the general public might imply that the pattern has little interest outside a tiny niche.