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The overall story line for the game being created by members of the Cireclinlin Discord chat is an allegory for experiences in's comment section since Pino's arrival. Put any relevant portions of text here, including introductions, scripts, join scenes and the like.

Cteklite's Intro

Cteklite has written an intro for the game, which he has said "reads like Norse mythology". It encircles details related to the creation of the village, the Gods, the imbalances of good and evil and the opening of the town to everyone.

The Intro

(Copy-pasted directly from the Cireclinlin Discord, off a message from Cteklite. The word 'funnelled' was misspelt and is fixed here. Speech marks added.)

"Not so long ago, the world as we know it only contained people and three Gods. To put it as simply as one can, the world was perfectly balanced and nothing was decidedly right or wrong. This, however, is the main focus of our little story here. These Gods were an experimental bunch, and did what experimental bunches always do; cause an imbalance to see just what would happen.

"A utopia was created. In this utopia, you couldn't turn around a corner without running into something you wanted so desperately. Your every need was catered to, and every day was filled with warm sunlight, cooling winds, and the occasional refreshing rain. It was perfect to the point you'd think some would consider it Hell. Some did, but others simply enjoyed the perfection.

"Unfortunately, not everyone was accepted in. The Gods had only let in a select few to this utopia. The rest were left behind, forced to watch as the others lived a perfect, painless, eternal life. Until one day, the Gods decided to let the others in to the utopia. As they were funnelled in, the Gods personally captured and locked away all the evil that followed.

"As the people enjoyed the utopia, the Gods noticed something. The part of the world that was perfectly balanced was eerily quiet. The utopia, however, was descending into chaos. People were running rampant, going crazy and ruining the general harmony.

"One God theorized that perhaps the imbalance of both good and bad energies was causing the mayhem. There was an overload of good things happening, and not enough bad things. So the Gods released some of the evil back into the world.

"As a big mistake on their part, the evil had only built up and multiplied to insane levels. Dark forces spread throughout the world, wreaking havoc and crumbling what little social order was in place. Buildings were destroyed, people were slaughtered, the ground shook, and goblins were still really super scary!

"The Gods, frozen still with fear, were only able to watch what they'd created lay itself to waste. Many years passed before everything had returned to what could only be called (in the loosest definition possible) "normal."

"Great figures had risen above the norm, both for the utopians and evil forces. There were too many to name, but both sides were constantly at war, fighting for complete control over the world they wanted for themselves. The Gods swore themselves to not interfere in these mortal affairs, but all three of them on the odd occasion break this promise, saving a life or ending another.

"These days, a strange air is brewing. Even the Gods acknowledged it as "the era that will change the tide of the war." For better or for worse, there is no stopping what is coming soon. Everyone is scared, but nobody will run."

Shortened, Alternate Introduction

This intro was made by PinoBatch and is much shorter and simpler. It takes Pino into account. Note it mentions 'elders' instead of Gods.

The Intro

(Copy-pasted directly from the Cireclinlin wiki page.)

After the village[1] was destroyed, the elders[2] decided to rebuild it in December 2014. To keep the new village from meeting the same fate, only those deemed worthy were permitted to enter at first.[3] Those outside could watch what happened there but not enter. Without a large influx of visitors, the new village stayed clean yet stagnant.

Early on, the rulers decided it would be better if all people could share the land. But there wasn't enough space for everyone at first; land needed to be excavated and leveled to allow more people in.[4] After ten months, it was opened to everyone. This ended the stagnation, even though a month of constant talk in the square about being glad to be in the village annoyed the long-time residents.[5]

Pino heard of incidents in the village[6] and moved in to try to solve them.[7] There he met others, who told stories of a dog who used to roam the streets killing pigeons. But over time, the polluters arrived.

The Man Himself's Script

This script was made by The Man Himself and seemingly kicks off directly after Cteklite's Intro. It encompasses a period of time from Pino's hearing of the village to Cteklite's recruitment to the party.

The Script, Part I

(The first half of this part was made by The Man Himself, from the first sentence up until when Pino approaches Cteklite. The part afterwards was written by Cteklite but formatted to fit a script by The Man Himself (Apostrophes removed, '>'s removed))

(Continued from the intro)

(It's December 2015. Pino stands on a tall hill overlooking a vast, sparsely populated nation. A little bird lands on his shoulder and whispers something in his ear. Pino nods in understanding and looks slightly downwards, revealing a small town near the base of the hill, surrounded by forest. He sets off.)

(Pino reaches the town gate and knocks. A small window opens to reveal... no one. The town seems to be lacking in security and formality.)

Pino: Great.

(Pino shoves the doors open and a main street of sorts is shown leading to a town square. He looks around: A few buildings, nothing of particular note except the three bronze statues placed prominently near the fountain in the town square. To his left, a policeman berates a wheelchairer's use of a no-car zone, claiming it's a 'pedestrian zone'. Pino advises the man he should file an ADA greivance against the cop)

(Pino continues to the town square. He looks around some more, then inquires about the leader.)

Generic Man: Well, there's the Gods, but they aren't terribly active around these parts. There's a guy called Cteklite who's quite important, though. Try him.

(Pino finds Cteklite, a redheaded, pimply man with what appears to be grease all over his shirt, outside the village in the forest.)

(Pino approaches him.)

Cteklite: Shh, get down! I'm hunting flatbears.

Pino: What's a flatbear?

Cteklite: You know those bearskin rugs rich people have on their floors? They're like that, but they're parasitic and take over your mind. It's a painful experience, trust me.

Pino: So, what, they just take over your mind and it's game over?

Cteklite: Not exactly. Just get a blunt object and whap 'em until they jump off the poor sucker's head. Or kill the person, either works.

Pino: Why are you hunting the flatbears?

Cteklite: Dude, you have NO idea how much their skins go for. I could buy, like, a sports car or two with a couple skins.

Pino: Big risk, big reward.

Cteklite: Exactly! Hey, did you hear that?

(Flatbear jumps on to Ctek's head. A battle begins)

(Attack the flatbear part to win battle without killing Ctek. Killing Ctek makes him unable to join your party, because he's dead. And it's all your fault.)

(After brutalizing flatbear:)

Cteklite: Holy shit... That was the second most painful thing I've ever experienced.

Pino: Second most painful?

Cteklite: Ever been to one of my family reunions? Anyway, I can't thank you enough for helping out there.

Pino: Not a problem. (Ends dialogue, it's assumed you can go back to him and choose the second dialogue option)


Pino: You want to help me fight other things? (Lets Ctek join party.)

Cteklite: Hell yeah, I do! You're a pretty good fighter, I bet there's a lot we can do together. Like open a really badass pizza delivery service. Or something.

(Cteklite joins party)

End of script so far.


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