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This is a list of Damian Yerrick's video-game development projects.

Not all projects are listed here, as disclosing some might make me less likely to complete them.[1]


Some projects reach a state of feature completeness and stability.

  • Axe (DS)
  • Concentration Room (NES)
  • Thwaite (NES) has become feature-complete as of 0.03 apart from cut scenes
  • Haunted: Halloween '85 (NES)
  • 240p test suite (NES)

Being developed

On temporary hiatus

On indefinite hiatus

Some projects fall by the wayside for lack of time, others for other reasons.

  • freepuzzlearena (PC) because of code duplication before I ended up realizing the generic block puzzle game loop
  • Lockjaw (PC, GBA, DS) ran out of steam in 2008 due to difficulty in keeping up with changes to libnds while keeping up with a day job and physical activity, along with obtaining a PowerPak and bringing an NES project near completion.
  • LJ65 (NES) was put on hiatus in mid-2009 due to legal threats against uploaders of videos criticizing the actions of a video game franchise owner and later withdrawn due to a successful lawsuit against a publisher of a similar product. I ended up wanting to have nothing to do with this project and its ties to someone who claims that free software licensing "destroys the market".
  • FK Convey (PC) for a couple reasons: 1. frustration in getting Allegro 4.2.3 to have sound on Linux and to compile at all under Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and 2. the June 2009 split of the TetrisConcept community between (for Arika products) and Hard Drop (for everything else)
  • Concentration Room Deluxe (NES) until someone on NESdev announces the ability to manufacture battery-backed NES carts or completes a log-structured file system to allow use of self-flashable cartridges
  • Cookie Clicker (NES) because of wrist pain associated with testing the source material


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