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Side, Front, and Back views of ProfessAdeath. The triangle on the back is for access to switching between Autopilot and Compatibility Modes and selecting which special capability he'll perform from the omnichamber, shown in the front.
  • Age: 20XX
  • Weight: Condensed megaton
  • Height: Slightly taller or shorter than you. Fluctuating at all times.
  • Hates: Competitions
  • Loves: Winning


A camouflage robot built in ancient times from experimental plans accidentally sent from a very insanely distant utopian future. Surviving somehow being made of questionable yet adequate materials it still functions after roaming aimlessly free, annoyingly stuck on autopilot, for many years. Searching for arbitrary problems to solve per its programming, it suffers glitches of skepticism and blunt honesty which may be used to prompt a variety of miscellaneous side quests before attaining.


  • Primary Attack: Momentum-based crash attack.
  • Secondary Attack: Mimicry of last mimicable attack used, if none, defaults to crash attack.
  • Specials[~PENDING~]: Can be targeted on enemies, allies, or self.
    • Scorpion Command - Emits an intense flare that damages slightly while both simultaneously lowering accuracy and raising the attack of the affected for 1-2 turns.
    • Reptile Command - Boosts evasion and damage dealt by 50% for the next two turns by going invisible. Dealing or receiving physical damage breaks invisibility.
    • Error_Macro - Administers a whole first-aid kit's worth of medicine. Fully replenishing health and all status effects while paralyzing the target for 1-3 turns.
    • Rain Command - Discharges a highly ionic blast of static-electricity that raises stamina and special attacks of the target at the cost of speed for the next 2-4 turns.
    • Fujin Command - Restore 2/5 of the targets maximum health with a proper dose of medical treatment.

Join Scene

Rough draft of potential dialogue:

"Hey, who are you?"

-Player responds

"No, I mean really.. seem like.... odd person, no offense, ya know? It's just a little, "this and that" about you, so to speak."

-Natural comeback

"Look, don't keep taking me the wrong way... ..but it's almost bothering me too much to ignore... .....and right now my priority directive is pinpointing and eradicating this whole area of Alts, so..."


"Look we could wordplay all day about this. If I'm wrong, I don't know how I overlooked you, but I can't play 24 Questions right now, I'm on a much more punctual timeline at the moment!"

►Engages battle.◄

"Hey man, you're good, but who knows? You could have been nefarious.. No hard feelings, right on? And while we're cool, do me a favor and help me turn off my autopilot system. Maybe I can help you out around here in return if you want.. I've been around a long while and I've noticed some things."