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Oddle Poddle is a language spoken by characters of British TV series Flower Pot Men.


ickle weed
/ikl wi:d/
little weed
Waddle oo tik oo dop?
/wadl u tik u dap/
What do you think of that?
Gloob a waddle a hop.
/glub a wadl a hap/
Gloves as well as a hat.


It's obviously an English dialect.

There appear to be three vowel phonemes: u, a (pronounced ɑ), and i. Internal -w- becomes -b-; internal -t- becomes -k-. Final -t becomes -p; -v becomes -b; -s is silent like in French. The pronunciation of "gloves" shows how oo as in foot and u as in strut have merged (compare a similar merger in northern England).

The auxiliary verb following an interrogative word appears to have absorbed into -le suffix, and this prevents final -t from becoming -p.