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For your safety: Please log in using the encrypted form.

This version of the login form is not encrypted. Anybody on the same network as you, such as other customers in the same restaurant, can see your password using tools such as Firesheep unless you use the encrypted form.

The encrypted form works with recent versions of Chrome, Opera, and Firefox on all platforms, as well as Internet Explorer and Safari on supported versions of Windows, OS X, and iOS. It does not work with Android Browser on Android 2.x or Internet Explorer on Windows XP due to lack of support for Server Name Indication; see Portfolio hosting for more information.

Important notice to users of the Windows XP operating system: As of April 2014, Microsoft no longer makes security updates for Windows XP available to the public. This means that if your computer is connected to the Internet, criminals will likely discover a defect in Windows XP and use it to break into your computer very soon. You can protect yourself by replacing your computer or installing another operating system (such as GNU/Linux) on your computer. For more information on the break-ins expected to come with the end of Windows XP support, see articles in Windows IT Pro, Computerworld, Computerworld, and Wind8Apps.