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(Games with music off in menu: Top Gun (J) has the Danger Zone sound-alike in-game too)
(It exists.)
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*[[Wikipedia:OverClocked ReMix]]
*[[Wikipedia:OverClocked ReMix]]
*[http://ocremix.org/system/nes/ NES on OCRemix.org]
*[http://ocremix.org/system/nes/ NES on OCRemix.org]
*[https://twitter.com/JoeParsell/status/1126673139935662085 Tweet by Memblers (Joe Parsell)] announcing availability of NES cartridges containing an MP3 player

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This may be a YouTube video demonstrating a hypothetical Famicom expansion audio chip that combines the concept of an MP3 player on a Famicom cart with the "Write a number to a port to play a sound" interface of the Moero!! Pro Yakyuu sound chip. This wasn't viable with the high costs of memory in the NES era, but two decades later, NAND flash and transform audio decoding ASICs appear to have become cheap enough to include on a cartridge. In fact, someone's working on a project like this for the Super NES.[1]

Each scene would show a playthrough with 12 to 20 seconds of the game music, followed by a similar playthrough with the music replaced by a non-chiptune version of the same song, used under fair use.

Before the video, the viewer sees a notice:

This video includes music from
copyrighted video games and
similar-sounding copyrighted
sound recordings, as a comment on
such similarity and on how mapper
hardware together with said
music could improve these games.
The author of this video claims
that this use is a fair use under
U.S. copyright law.

Games with music off in menu

These games have a menu option to play only sound effects:

Game Area/Song Replacement song
Jurassic Park Level 1 Press Play on Tape - Comic Bakery
Klax Bugsuk - Caverns of Cthulu Bobby Prince - At Doom's Gate
Tetяis: The Soviet Mind Game KARINKA Russia2000 - Kalinka Dance Song
Tetris Music 1 Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy
Dr. Mario Fever The Beatles - Lady Madonna
Pipe Dream Music 1 Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Top Gun (U) Attract mode (compared to actual gameplay that has no music) Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

Games needing a patch

Some games need to be patched, whether through byte changes to the ROM or a Game Genie code, to get music not to play. (This Java applet translates single-byte patches to Game Genie codes so that they can be used with a PowerPak.) Please add only verified working no-music patches that keep the sound effects.

Game Replacement song Patch to silence music
Thwaite (version 0.03) FantaVision (U) Stage 1: Night of the South Island
E1B6:60 (AVLTTP)[2]
Super Mario Bros. (JU) Super Smash Bros. Melee Princess Peach's Castle 9113:24,D81D:24 (GZPPLP GZPSSA)[3]


  1. MSU1 on byuu.org
  2. Makes the subroutine init_music return immediately.
  3. The patch changes two stores to two loads. End of stage music will still play.
    May need to generate different codes for the Duck Hunt multicart (NES-MH).

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