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"We hop in the tradition of the blessed rabbits in the hope that someday we shall rise, as Christ has risen."

Yogic flying is a method of locomotion involving hopping on one's behind and thighs in the lotus position. In the fantasy of Transcendental Meditation founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, if several practitioners of TM-Sidhi "fly" in the same place, this creates a field reducing the propensity of people toward violence. To count how many people you need to "fly" at once to make a peace field have noticeable effect in a city, divide the population by 100 and then take the square root. For example, it takes 50 people hopping on a gym's padded floor to cover a city of 250,000 people.

An analogous practice is seen in the British SF sitcom Red Dwarf. One crew member's parents were Seventh-Day Advent Hoppists, a Christian sect that practiced hopping at services. This originated from 1 Corinthians 13, where the apostle Paul of Tarsus contrasts xenoglossy and other short-term spiritual gifts needed to bootstrap early Christianity with "faith, hope, and love," three gifts that will remain with the congregation over the long term. However, the church that became the Hoppists got a misprinted batch of Bibles reading "faith, hop, and love." Presumably, the misprint was corrected, but not before the church leaders could back it up with other references to jumping and leaping on grounds that "scripture interprets scripture."

Now imagine a rabbit or hare having been the first creature to see the resurrected Jesus, and Jesus blessed its family with the gift of speech. This, when combined with lagomorphs' propensity to multiply, led to Easter bunnies spreading throughout the world and bringing the good news with them. The eggs symbolize the miraculous implantation of Jesus as a fertilized egg, commemorating the implantation of Jesus in the blessed virgin surrogate. They were originally stained red to represent two things: the virgin's missed period and an additional symbol (alongside the Eucharist cup) of the blood shed during Jesus's execution. For many, this association was lost, but not to the game world's counterpart to the Hoppists.

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