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Why can't I edit?

You don't have an account.
Anyone can edit talk pages, but to edit articles, project pages, or image descriptions, you need to create an account and then either authenticate your e-mail address or wait a few days. We have to put this measure into place to keep out automated processes that vandalize pages. (See Pin Eight:Users for details.) If you cannot create an account because you cannot solve the trivia question, get in touch with an administrator through the talk page (or the contact form if you can't post there).
You are trying to edit a protected page.
Some pages can be edited only by staff. Every page has a talk page, and we don't protect talk pages; feel free to discuss changes to a page on its talk page.
You have been blocked.
Posting link spam (off-topic external links) will result in a warning and then a block. Posting mass quantities of link spam in a manner typical of an automated process will result in an immediate block, as will creating an overly promotional username.