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For slang terms in amateur radio, see Wikipedia:Voice procedure.

In the setting of Hamtaro, especially in the video games based in this setting, Ham-Chat is an English-based cant used by sapient hamsters.


Word Meaning
Bestest Fantastic
Bizzaroo Strange
Blahh Tired
Blanko Forget
Blash-T Angry
Blissie Happy
Bloat-T Bloated
Bluhoo Sad
Blushie Embarrass
Bye-Q Good-bye
Chuckchuck Give up
Clapclap Encore
Clingie Hang
Cramcram Study
Dazzlie Beautiful
Delichu Delicious
Delin-Q Bad
Digdig Dig
Dingbang Noisy
Dingding Realize
Dundeal Sell
Fend-D Defend
Flipflop Switch
Frost-T Freezing
Fussfuss Worry
Gasp-P Oh no!
Giftee Give
Givehoo Ask for
Gofor Goal
Gogo Ride
Goodgo Good luck
Go-P Bathroom?
Gorush Hurry
Gossip-P Fantastic
Grab-B Get
Greatchu Great
Grit-T Courage


Word Meaning
Hamchu Kind
Hambond Bond
Hamboree Party
Hamcheer Congrats
Hamha Greeting
Hamigos Best pals
Hamlift Piggy back
Hammo Friend
Hampact Promise
Hamscope Aim
Hamsolo Lonely
Hamspar Rival
Hamtast Perfect
Hamteam Cooperate
Hardihar Laugh
Herk-Q Powerful
Heyoo Call out
Hif-Hif Sniff
Hotchu Hot
Huffhuff Carry
Hulahula Lollygag
Hushgo Reveal
Hushie Secret
Jamout Play music
Koochi-Q Pretty
Krmpkrmp Eat
Lalalala Sing
Libert-T Freedom
Lookie See
Lost-T Lose
Lotsa Many
Lovedove Cherished
Luck-E Lucky
Meep-P Regret
Mega-Q Big
Might-T Strong
Minglie Play
Nogo No can do
Nok-Nok Knock
Nokrmp-P Hungry
Noplibloo Don't fret
Nopookie Dislike
Noworrie Relax
Offdoff Remove
Oopsie Sorry
Ouchichi Ouch
Pakapaka Bite
Panic-Q Scary
Passchat Tell
Perksie Listen
Pooie Uncool
Pookie Like
Pushie Shove
Putput Put


Word Meaning
Rubrub Polish
Scoochie Climb
Scrit-T Scratch
Scrub-E Clean
See-tru Invisible
Sesam-E Open
Shashaa Hide
Shockie Surprise
Smidgie Almost
Smoochie Love
Snorklie Deep
Soak-Q Wet
Sparklie Delight
Spiffie Stylish
Stead-E Solid
Stickie Poke
Swellie It's okay
Tack-Q Roll
Tah-dah Show
Teenie Small
Thank-Q Thank you
Thump-P Startle
Tinglie Tingle
Tiptop Excellent
Tootru Really
Tran-Q Peace
Trust-T Reliable
Tuggie Tug
Twintoo Identical
Vast-T Twirl
Wait-Q Wait
Wake-Q Wake up
Whawha Frantic
Wishie Beg
Wit-T Funny
Wondachu Wonderful
Yep-P Yes
Zuzuzu Sleep