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These terms are used in various philosophical articles on Pin Eight and by some contributors who also post to SoylentNews, Slashdot, NESdev BBS, and other web-based discussion platforms. Terms particular to the game world are not included in this glossary.


all maximized all the time
Capable of showing only one application's user interface at once due to window management policy, even though the underlying operating system supports multitasking. (See User:Tepples/tablets.)


1. ShareAlike with the additional requirement to make a derivative work's source code available. Said of a copyright license.
2. To apply a copyleft license to (a work).
Any automated means to detect copyrighted material uploaded by users, when false matches cause serious inconvenience for users of video hosting platforms. (By comparison to the villains from the animated television series Voltron.)


Any slab-serif typeface with an irregular or "bouncy" quality.
free cultural works
Works of authorship, other than computer programs, distributed in a way that allows end users to share and improve them, particularly under a copyright license granting these rights to the public.
free software
Computer programs distributed in a way that allows end users to share and improve them, particularly with availability of source code under a copyright license granting these rights to the public.


User of video games.
An operating system including Linux as its kernel, GNU Coreutils, and at least two other major components of the GNU operating system. The term is useful to distinguish these systems from Android or embedded systems using Linux.


Home theater PC, generic term for a personal computer using a television as its monitor. An HTPC with a suitable graphics processor can replace a video game console.


Distributed as free software but with unavoidable non-free dependencies. (After a 2004 article by Richard Stallman describing the status of programs written in the Java programming language prior to the release of OpenJDK.)


PC Master Race
The community of gamers who choose to be their own masters by using a PC rather than being a slave to a video game console makers. Oppose "peasant".
1. A farmer on leased land.
2. A gamer who prefers consoles for any of several reasons despite their inflexibility. Oppose "PC Master Race".
personal computer, PC
A computing device that allows the person who owns it to control what computing is done on it.


Requiring derivative works to be distributed as free software or free cultural works. Said of a copyright license.
source code
"The preferred form of a work for making modifications to it." (Defined as such in the GNU General Public License, versions 2 and 3.)
Depicting humans older than toddlers with exaggerated cuteness that makes the head longer than the torso and/or wider than the shoulders. Said of a pictorial, graphic, sculptural, or audiovisual work's art style.


trouser tyranny
The misconception that a skirted garment, such as a tunic or kilt, ought to be exclusive to women.


without charge
Synonym for "gratis" using only common English words. (Borrowed from how Jehovah's Witnesses describe the lack of price for their literature.)


An operating system including Linux as its kernel and an X11 server, usually the reference server by X.Org. Most popular X11/Linux systems are also GNU/Linux.