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A regular slab serif and an irregular one

A Folkwell (yes, I'm coining a neologism) is a neo-grotesque slab serif typeface whose baseline and x-height line have been made "sloppy", or less geometrically regular. The name is a portmanteau of "folk", connoting the irregularity of letterforms in a handmade sign, combined with "Rockwell", a well-known neo-grotesque slab serif by Monotype.

Fink Heavy

Fink Heavy, a Folkwell distributed by House Industries as part of its Rat Fink Fonts pack, has become popular in logos for numerous products. Its two-story lowercase 'a' and various other features betray its apparent origin in Rockwell, as opposed to other similar typefaces such as Lubalin Graph. The tail of its 'g', 't', and 'y' has a distinctive curl.

See also: List of products using Fink Heavy

Other square slabs

  • One common substitute for Fink Heavy is Font Diner's Chowderhead.
  • Another is Billy Serif
    • As used in the book Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Welcome to the Neighborhood written by Becky Friedman illustrated by Gord Garwood, ISBN 9781442497412, and other DTN merchandise.
    • And Super-Duper Cupcakes: Sweet and Easy Cupcake Decorating by Elaine Cohen, ISBN 9781454906018
    • Disney Junior Storybook Collection, ISBN 9781423178750
    • Annie's Mini Pizza Bagels, UPC 013562001750, and other Annie's products
    • Martha Speaks sticker books Alice Steps Out,Martha Plays Along, and Camp Truman, included with Chick-fil-A Kids Meal. Title only
    • Poptropica: The Official Guide by Tracey West, ISBN 9780448457260. Billy Serif in body text
  • Peralta Pro is similar but has even more irregular stroke widths.
  • Plumbsky by is much lighter than Fink Heavy.
  • Minya Nouvelle by Typodermic comes in several weights. It's used on the covers of the Howard B. Wigglebottom series of children's books.
  • Click Clack by Fonthead Design is a monospace Folkwell.
  • Love Ya Like A Sister, a free web font distributed by Google, is used on the blog Fuzzy Notepad by "Eevee", home of the well-known anti-PHP essay "PHP: a fractal of bad design". It includes white areas within the strokes.
  • Jillbeans
  • Idolwild by Jakob Fischer was spotted in the title of the Nintendogs wiki on Wikia.

Round slabs

Some have rounded slabs:

  • Before desktop publishing, there was phototypesetting. In the 1950s, Filmotype manufactured a phototypesetting machine that used fonts on 2-inch filmstrips and published several display fonts for it, many of which resembled hand lettering. A partial specimen scanned by James Puckett shows the "casual serif" fonts Apache, August, Arrow, and Beaver, which have rounded slabs.
    • Digitizations of Filmotype Apache and August in varying quality can be found online under the names URW Apache, Cochise, Disney Print, Stanley, and Toledo. A version of these titled "Jester", seen on freeware font sites, works fine on screen but is very rough when blown up.
    • First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg and illustrated by Judy Love, ISBN 978-0756971427, uses the "Disney Print" version of this font, as stated in its credits.
    • Logo of ScienceWiz, a company making educational toys
    • Logo of Hyves, a Dutch social network that closed at the end of 2013 but remains listed as an OpenID provider on OpenID's web site. Appears to use a lowered capital Y instead of the rounded lowercase y. Takes the upward slant of the glyphs' baseline and incorporates it into a "wave" like that of the Wendy's logo.
    • Wupzey! Less Mess waterproof food-catcher bib, no UPC. "Less Mess" appears in this typeface in some versions of the logo.
    • The logos of and Harris Teeter grocery stores use Sixpack by Panache Graphics, which is based on Beaver. Unlike the original Filmotype faces, which have a u-shaped y with g's tail, Sixpack has a v-shaped y and apparently slightly less upward slant.
    • Poky and Friends Starring Scuffy the Tugboat VHS by Golden Films
    • The Spirit of '43 Featuring Donald Duck & Friends VHS by Cartoon Favorites (Trans-Atlantic Video), UPC 011891130578
    • Packaging of a boy's Robin Hood costume whose name is "Robin Hood" in all languages
    • Mort Walker's byline in the comic strip Beetle Bailey
    • Logo of Pooh-Clipart.Com, confirmed as Disney Print through private correspondence
    • LeafEasy Leaf & Lawn Chute, UPC 783955520150, U.S. Patent 8,020,686
    • Liquid Ass Fart Spray[1][2]
    • Taz TV sound book by Oliver Noone, ill. by Animated Arts, ISBN 0785316094, UPC 042799316092. Title only
    • The Big Birthday Box book by Harriet Ziefert, ill. by Laura Rader, ISBN 9780394849096, UPC 079808849098. Title only and probably Sixpack
    • The Kid Next Door and Other Headaches: Stories About Adam Joshua by Janice Lee Smith, ill. by Dick Gackenbach, ISBN 006025792X, ISBN 0060257938 (lib. bdg.) Front cover and entire title page
    • Adventures in Boogabooga Land: Squid Sushi Loses his Marbles DVD, UPC 023755414793. Title and "5 out of 5 doves"
    • A Pet to the Vet by Shirley Frederick, ill. by Amanda Haley, ISBN 9780153229626. Title only
  • Hank by Bitstream is very similar to the Apache family but with more even line weight.
    • Poems for Babies by Lynne Gibbs and Rachael O'Neill, ISBN 9781742488684. Poems for Toddlers also available. Title only
    • Patch and Millie's Big Day Out, a finger puppet play book by Peter Curry, ISBN 9781742489308. Hank throughout. Also other Peter Curry books from Brimax
    • Branding for Allen County Public Library's Everybody Reads: Talk, Play, Sing, Write, Read program
    • Children's board books illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church. How Do I Love You? by Marion Dane Bauer, ISBN 9780545027200, has Hank only on the cover, but others (ISBN 9780545647717, ISBN 9780439673631, ISBN 9780545392150, ISBN 9780545536011) use Hank for body text.
    • Zingamino: The New Domino Game tabletop game by DYD, UPC 689076280938. Hank in subtitle, back cover description, and "Double" spaces on board.
    • Purina 2015 ad campaign Celebrate [National Pet Month] with [Purina], found here and in Meijer stores
    • The Perfect Present by Fiona Robertson, ISBN 9780399257735. Title only
    • The Snatchbook by Helen Docherty, ill. by Thomas Docherty, ISBN 9781402290824. Hank on cover and dust jacket
    • The Twelve Days of Christmas in Washington, D.C. by Candice Ransom, ill. by Sarah Hollander, ISBN 9781402763946. Hank on front cover, dust jacket, and inside covers
  • BE Marker Serif by Brain Eaters Font Co.
  • Hunniwell by Aah Yes and Strawn by are more irregular "stub serif" typefaces, as calls them.
  • Charley Style by Zang-O-Fonts
  • Grandma Bold by HVD Fonts, used in the logo of Action Wobbles
  • Unkempt Pro by Neapolitan is used for the poster image of "Not My Legs Challenge" and other workout videos by Jacy and Kacy.
  • Jazznik, Office Blogger, and Canned Corn by Sideshow

A similar "playful" effect may be created by taking an ordinary geometric font and slightly randomizing the rotation and vertical position of each letter. This may be a slab serif like Lubalin Graph, as seen in the Moo Moo Farm sign in Mario Kart 64 (notice the direction of the serif at the top of capital A) and the subtitle of Animal Crossing: Wild World. This was common especially before the Rat Fink Fonts were released. Or it may be a geometric sans serif as seen in the logo of Free Software Foundation's h-node project.

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