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Fishing is the poor man's version of hunting.

DX Town is expected to include a fishing minigame similar to that of Animal Crossing and several computer role-playing games. These games' mechanics are far simpler than those of games that have "bass" in the title. The player first uses a rod to throw a bobber into the river or lake. Within a split second after the front of a fish collides with the bottom of the bobber, the player should make a retract command (by pressing a button or moving an accelerometer controller); otherwise, the fish will swim away. The compression of outdoor space in an RPG tends to make the range of a rod without a reel close to what one would expect from a real-life rod with a reel. And in most of these games, one can't fish with a net; nets are only for bugs.

It is not known whether a concept of overfishing[1] is needed in DX Town.

In Animal Crossing, a player can bootstrap his ability to earn money by collecting seashells and selling them to Tom Nook for Bells to buy the standard tools. But like overfishing, this too has harmful consequences for the environment.[2]


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