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For other meanings, see Wikipedia:Camp.
Hakenpfeil logo of the FLP

Concentration Camp is the old name of the homebrew NES game Concentration Room prior to January 22, 2010. The old story, involving a somewhat lighter and softer version of the Nazis, is posted here for historical purposes.



It started in 93.
After months of liberal
infighting, the Folkish
Labor Party took power.
Led by Master D, the FLP
set out to unite the
Realm across class lines
under one condition:

No Idiots.

Master D's administration
banned certain races deemed
"subsapient" from doing
business in the Realm.
It slowly stripped away the
rights of Nander, Polis,
and humans of Traveler or
Chosen lineage.
This earned the party the
nickname "Badds" inside and
outside the self-proclaimed
Third Realm from the Sun.

After international protest,
FLP leaders agreed to a
compromise: take alleged
subsapients away to camps
where they could show
that their intelligence,
reasoning, and concentration
met the Realm's standard.
Campers could earn their
citizenship back by beating
the guards at mind games
such as "concentration".

Flip two cards, and if they
match, you keep them. If
they don't, flip them back.
Good luck.


The first five levels of the game are "solitaire" boards with 10, 20, 36, 52, and 72 cards. Once the player completes these with fewer than 99 misses, he can go on to face some CPU opponents representing other inmates and the camp guards.

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