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A brownie is a sapient being.

They're about 0.9 to 1.1 m tall as adults with vaguely rodent-like faces, and like elves, brownies lack a gene that inhibits olfactory development, resulting in an enhanced sense of smell compared to humans.

The brownies speciated in a desert, and their body temperature tends to run quite hotter than the human 37 degrees. They are typically seen in brown, ragged, ankle-length, hooded robes; hence the name. They can often be seen wearing two luminescent devices next to their eyes, not unlike real-world glasses-mounted LED lamps,[1][2] in order to see in low light. Brownies have a characteristic odor, which they use to recognize one another. Human families that can tolerate the smell often have a brownie come in at night, do small chores, and watch the outdoor animals in exchange for whole milk and honey cake. But put your pets out first, as a brownie may kill large attacking indoor pets in self-defense. Also, don't try to give a brownie new clothes for two reasons. First, giving them clothes makes it appear that you believe they deserve pity.[3], Second, as brownie culture depends on smell, and a new robe will distort the odor. Speaking of smell, brownies can smell which human trashed the house and tend to slap the face of the sleeping guilty party.



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