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Broadway is used in an analogy for it being common knowledge that certain industries are present only in certain places, and one needs to relocate to find a job in these industries. As CronoCloud of Slashdot put it: "if you want to be a star on Broadway, you're going to have to go to New York City." The drawback of relocation is that one often has to leave one's support network of friends and family behind.

Those who want to develop handheld games with buttons or single-screen multiplayer games need to gain relevant experience in the mainstream video game industry and start an established business with a dedicated office before they're allowed onto Nintendo platforms.[1] CronoCloud appears to claim that relocation is the only way to gain such experience and that Silicon Valley and greater Seattle are the Broadway of professional video game development. But edwdig disagrees, claiming that GameDevMap, Craigslist, and LinkedIn are useful for finding such jobs even in a corn belt state like Indiana.