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Age: Old enough Weight: Pleasingly Plump Height: More average than a McDonald's cheeseburger


"There once was a man who built the most awesome computer. It was so awesome, it ran on nuclear power. But even that wasn't enough. Man the climbed to the top of Mount Everest with his computer, and prepared. He planned to finally power it on with a burst of lightning. It all went to plan. The lightning struck, it turned on. As the man began to finally play on his powerful PC, it exploded. The combination of events turned him into - ASCII M4N, the hero of text!" -- ASCII's supposed backstory. Actually just a washed up drunkard looking for work. Strong and tough, and would be smarter if it weren't for his ale addled mind. Not exactly the fastest person, in mind or body. His sword is a cut out piece of foam, and his shield a plastic piece of crap he grabbed from the dollar store.

Move Set

Primary Attack: ASCII SW0RD - A rush which bashes the opponent's head, similar to clubbing them. how does he even manage to dent someone's skull with foam? Secondary: ASCII SHI3LD - Tackles the opponent with his shield. Less powerful than his sword, but raises his resistance for one turn. Special: Tankard of Ale - When consumed, it restores half his overall health and boosts attack for one turn. Can only be used once every battle, after 5 turns.