Project DX: Double Crossing The ACtivities of a lonely human

Double Crossing is a hub for projects related to Nintendo's Animal Crossing video games.

Picken Landscape

Do you play Animal Crossing: Wild World on your Nintendo DS? Do you want a perfect town? See what our consultants can do over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

RAC: Restore Animal Crossing

Yes, you can back up your file in Animal Crossing: Wild World, Drawn to Life, or Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis for DS. All you need are a SLOT-2 storage card (such as SuperCard or M3) and a SLOT-1 booting card. It even automatically names the backups after your town name, so that you can keep a history of all the towns in your circle of friends. Get free software for your homebrew-enabled DS.

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