Cookie Clicker
for NES

This project aims to port Cookie Clicker, a web game by Orteil, to the Nintendo Entertainment System.


ROM image and source code
(Milestone "MMO" updated Wednesday 2014-04-23)


Milca felt like baking chocolate chip cookies. But nobody wanted to eat her cookies, not even the raccoons in the back of the local T&T store. So she practiced for a while, and after she baked a hundred cookies, the recipe was solid enough that she convinced her family to try them. This gave her the confidence to enlist some of the older ladies in the village to help her bake cookies.

Milca's business grew so large that she needed to buy most of the farmland around the village to raise wheat for flour and dairy cows for butter. Some of this land didn't yield as much as expected, but no worries: she chose that as the location for her new factory. Other land ended up rich in minerals for making fertilizer, leading her to start a mining operation on the side.

And thus Milca's cookie empire grew.

[Mock] Title screen
[Mock] Big cookie with moving cursors
[Mock] Buildings
[Mock] Upgrades with golden cookie notice

To do

Orteil made Cookie Clicker Classic in a few hours. But then he built it on top of the box layout engine, floating point library, image codecs, and the like inside the browser. I have to build those myself, so it'll probably take a little longer.

These steps will be broken up into smaller steps as work goes on:

Some intentional differences will be noticeable.



Cookie Clicker © 2013-2014 Orteil. Licensed to Damian Yerrick. NES program © 2014 Damian Yerrick.